Do you have an email signature? If not, then it is time you had one. However, this is something that is deceptively simple, and it is important that you avoid the common pitfalls. To help, below are the basic items you need in an email signature.

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What Do You Need in an Email Signature

Keep in Mind that Shorter is Better

While you do not want to leave out vital items, you also don’t need to add extras. Yes, it will be tempting, but resist temptation. Four lines is the maximum you should have, but three will do. You want it to cover everything it needs to while being short enough to quickly read.

Use a Photo or Logo

If you are a freelancer, a headshot is a great choice. If you are representing a business, opt for your logo. Ideally, this picture or logo will set the height of your signature and should take up 1/4th to 1/3rd of the length of the signature.

Include Your Name or Business Name

Once again, which one you choose depends on what you are representing: yourself or your business. This should be the top line of your signature and the font should be the largest. If you are representing yourself, you can also include your title in this line. However, it is also acceptable to place your title on the second line, using slightly smaller font.

Decide if a Physical Address is Important

Whether or not your physical address is needed will depend on the type of work you do. If all of your work is virtual, it probably doesn’t matter all that much. However, if you travel for consulting, receive physical bills, or ship products, a physical address should be included.

Skip the Email Address

Many people approach their email signature like it is a digital business card. In many ways, this is fine, as the same design rules apply. However, while you should put your email on a business card, it is best left off of your email signature since whomever is seeing your signature will already have your email.

Add Your Website

Decreasing the font once more, add your website to your signature and make sure it will take readers to your website when clicked. You can also add logos for social media that will take your readers to your profiles if your social media presence is important to you.

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September 5, 2016

What Do You Need in an Email Signature

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