While we all love our paper planners, in the digital age, they aren’t always the most convenient choice. But making the switch can be difficult, and the hardest part is wading through all the digital planners on the market. To help you narrow down your choice, read about 3 programs to replace your planner below.

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3 Programs to Replace Your Planner


While it may not be the most well-known option, it is one of our favorites. Todoist offers a free version so you can get a feel for it before you commit. And should you decide you love it, purchasing the premium version is very affordable. You can use it through its website or its apps, and unlike many services, they have apps for every platform and even offer browser extensions. It is intuitive in its design, making it easy to use, and it also offers helpful features such as recurring items, tags, and projects.


Crazy name aside, this really is a great planning tool, and it is quite similar to paper planners, so it will make the transition easier on you. While it does not offer all the bells and whistles that other digital planners do, it is very easy to use. The simple design is perfect for those who do not want to learn new skills just to plan their days and keep their tasks in order. It offers phone apps for some platforms so you can update it wherever you are.

Planner Plus

If you are looking for a planner that is somewhere in between the first two in terms of features and usability, Planner Plus is the way to go. It give you the ability to create tasks, and have those tasks repeat, as well as projects for long-term planning. There is a calendar view, and the calendar can sync with other calendars you use, as well as a daily and a weekly view. Each day also comes with its own inspirational quote, incorporating a little paper planner touch.

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September 6, 2016

3 Programs to Replace Your Planner

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