As the weather turns colder and the kids start playing indoors more than out, it is the perfect time for crafts. They keep the kids busy, give them a sense of purpose, and are great for bonding with your children. And there are so many adorable, fall-themed crafts to choose from, you really cannot go wrong. Below are a few of our favorites from around the web.

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Fun Fall Crafts for Your Child

Thumbprint Acorns

This craft is super easy to do. All you need is some paper, paint, and markers. Since the main action is just making the thumbprints for the acorn body, it is great for smaller children, and for older children, they can get more into creating the details or building a scene around the acorns.

Tissue Paper Fall Tree

One of the things we all love most about fall is the changing of the leaves. This craft is all about those beautiful colors. Once again, supplies are minimal, and it is easy to customize the craft based on your child’s age and abilities. Plus, this is a craft that will look great on the fridge.

Pinecone Hedgehogs

Okay, so this craft isn’t as easy as the first two, but it is too cute to resist. Just look at those little faces! And while they look a little complicated, the truth is that the supply list is still quite short: just three items, one of which might be in your backyard. This is a craft the whole family will love.

Four Seasons Tree

While we love cute and fun crafts, those that are also educational are always our favorites. This craft encourages children to go outside and find the items needed to make representations of trees throughout the four seasons of the year. This is a great way to open conversations about nature and science while also working on problem solving skills.

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September 9, 2016

Fun Fall Crafts for Your Child

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