While working from home no longer seems like an unattainable dream, there are those success stories that feel more like urban legends than something you could hope to achieve on your own. One of the big ones? People who make a living reselling on eBay. Sure, you can easily make some spare cash off of your child’s old clothes, and some might get lucky with an antique they have sitting around, but making regular income off of it?

Tips for Having a Garage Sale

Tips for Reselling on eBay

That skepticism is understandable. However, with the right approach, you can make more money than you realize. Below are out top tips for reselling on eBay.

Be Discerning

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, this isn’t always the case; sometimes your trash is just your trash. And sometimes there are other factors that make selling an item on eBay more hassle than it is worth. Before you list an item, ensure that it is easy and affordable to ship (so not grandma’s 1960’s couch), a unique item in a popular category, and easy to market without it being seen in person.

Wow with Your Listing

While you aren’t trying to get a Pulitzer with your listing, you don’t want something that is hard to read or fails to answer key questions. If you struggle with writing, you can easily find freelancers who specialize in creating eBay listings. However, if you are confident in your skills, create a listing that is short, answers key questions, and avoids spelling and grammatical errors.

Know that Photos Sell the Item

Yes, your words matter, but to get buyers to click your listing in the first place, it needs a good photo. While a quality camera and some training wouldn’t hurt, they aren’t necessary. What you need is good lighting and a camera that takes clear photos. Your smart phone is perfectly fine for a camera, and also makes uploading the photo to the listing easier on you.

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September 13, 2016

Tips for Reselling on eBay

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