Working from home tends to mean spending a lot of time sitting at your desk. Even if you make certain to stay active throughout the day, you will still be spending hours seated in front of your computer. And that means you need to pick a comfortable chair. To help, use our guide below on how to choose an ergonomic office chair.

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How to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair


While you aren’t looking to kick back and relax, you do want your chair to offer a degree of recline. This will allow you to give your muscles a rest from time to time while also giving you more control over your distance from the screen. You can opt for a mechanical recline or a chair that has pushback recline.


Most office chairs offer adjustable height, and the majority of these chairs have a range that works for individuals between 5’0” and 6’4”. To be certain a chair will work for you, you want to try it out. Adjust the chair until it is at a height that keeps your feet flat on the floor while situating your knees slightly lower than your hips. Also check to make sure your arms are well supported and at the right height for your desk.

Seat Depth

When sitting in the chair, check to make sure the seat depth works for you. If it is a good fit, your knees should be at the edge of the seat while your back is resting against the backrest. Make sure your knees are supported and that you are not leaning forward in your seat.

Lumbar Support

The biggest issue with deskwork is that it leads to back pain. To combat this, you need quality lumbar support. Sit in the chair and check to see if the curve of the seat cradles your lower back. If it does, you have found your chair.


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September 15, 2016

How to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

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