Building toys have always been great for kids, but with increased focus on STEM education, these play experience could prove vital to your child’s success in the classroom. With the holidays fast approaching, it is time to figure out which building toys you want to get for your child. Below are the top 5 building toys your child will really love.

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5 Building Toys Your Child Will Really Love

Edushape Foam Blocks

These large blocks are great for building together. You can create large buildings with your child that he or she can actually play inside of, or try creating smaller designs. These blocks are great for kids that are just getting starting with building-based play, helping them discover limits in a safe way.

Jumbo Cardboard Blocks

Just seeing these blocks will take you back to your own preschool experience. And just as you adored them, your child will too. These blocks are great for helping children better understand the limits of their designs, since they do not lock into each other the way many other types of blocks do. And since they are made of light cardboard, they are also incredibly safe.


Start with DUPLO for younger children and then transition to the smaller blocks as your child grows. And unlike many other building toys, LEGOs are easy to find used online and at yard sales. Every kid needs to have a good LEGO collection, so get started building one for your child today.

Magna Tiles

Kids like to challenge themselves when using building toys, trying to get their structures to be as creative and as tall as they can possibly be. With most building toys, this means dealing with lots of crashes, but with Magna Tiles, it is easy to build tall and build wild. Sets come in various sizes, and you can combine sets without worry.

Keva Planks

Keva Planks are a little hard to explain, but once you see them in action, everything will make sense. Unlike most other building toys, these planks are kept as simple as can be. The goal is to allow your child to express his or her creativity without any guidance from the manufacturer. Great for older children, this toy helps to take building play a step further.

Does your child have a favorite building toy? Tell us about it.

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September 23, 2016

5 Building Toys Your Child Will Really Love

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