So, you have written an eBook. This means you have met a very important goal, but if you are looking to get your book out to the masses, it is really only one step in your journey; your next step is to figure out where you will sell your eBook.

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4 Places to Sell an eBook You Wrote


Payhip is a great site for anyone new to the world of writing and marketing eBooks. What makes it so great? In addition to hosting your book and handling the transactions for you (taking a 5% fee), it also gives you access to their promotional tools. They even allow you to create an affiliate program so you can get others to help you sell your books.

Teachers Pay Teachers

This one is pretty specific, but if you are a teacher, homeschooling parent, or you just enjoy the topic of education, it is a great marketplace to try. The commission the site takes will depend on the level of membership you choose. In addition to typical eBooks, you can also sell posters, organizers, and other design-based products.


There is no bigger marketplace for eBooks than Amazon. As such, it might be the best place for making sales. However, you will not make as much per sale as you would on other platforms. With Amazon, you will only earn between 35% and 70% on your eBooks. However, you cannot beat its reach, nor the feedback you will get from readers.


If you are wanting to use just one site to get started, Blurb is where you must begin. This website offers more than just publication and sales; it also helps you create your book. With Blurb, you can sell on their platform alone, or you can also sell on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBooks. Their software makes it easy to format and style your book so everything looks professional before it hits the market.

Do you create and sell eBooks? Which platforms do you like best?

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September 26, 2016

4 Places to Sell an eBook You Wrote

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