Everyone knows that eating healthy is important. But when you are working on a tight schedule, eating healthy is easier said than done. Quick meals are too tempting, and most quick meals are just not that healthy. So what can you do? Just follow our guide on how to make a healthy lunch when you are busy.

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How to Make a Healthy Lunch When You Are Busy

Do Your Research

Many of us make the mistake of thinking we know what is and isn’t healthy. Unless you are a dietician or personal trainer, chances are you are getting a few things wrong. Not only are we often misled by packaging and advertising, but guidelines are changing all the time as new research is conducted. So rather than assuming you know, take some time to read up on nutrition.

Make a Plan

When you know what you are going to do, it makes it easier to do it. Start out each week by making a meal plan, charting exactly what you will eat for your lunch every day of the week. We get off track when we try to make a rushed decision; planning ensures that you are never put on the spot. To make it even easier, make your lunches ahead of time and have them boxed up and ready to eat.

Keep Quick and Healthy Items on Hand

Hey, even when we plan ahead, life happens. Maybe you forgot to buy a key item or you just didn’t have the time to prep your meals in advance. In these cases, you need to have quick and healthy items on hand. Think healthy yogurts, fruits, and veggies.

Don’t Forget Snacks and Drinks

Snacking isn’t a bad thing; it keeps your energy up and stops you from binging. But you do need to make sure the snacks you select are healthy. Look into filling options that aren’t high in unhealthy fats so you can keep powering through your day.

Do you have a favorite quick and healthy recipe you use? Share it with us.

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September 28, 2016

How to Make a Healthy Lunch When You Are Busy

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