Just by having a play room, you are already ahead of the pack when it comes to keeping your home nice and tidy. But even if you relegate toys to the play room, you will still need to deal with the mess in there. And boy can it become a mess.

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How to Declutter the Play Room

Between birthdays, holidays, and impulse purchases, the play room gets cluttered quickly. And the more kids you have, the more clutter you have. It can quickly become overwhelming to deal with. So how can you declutter it?

Give Everything a Place

“Time to clean up!”

With these words, your kids will start tossing everything into baskets and onto shelves, not caring where everything should go—if you are lucky enough to get them picking up at all. And while this might mean that the floor is no longer covered in toys, it doesn’t reduce the feeling of clutter. Work on giving everything a place, and use labels to help you child see where things go. Enforce this every day and it will quickly become old habit.

Use Smaller Bins

You know how if you carry a big purse, you just use it to hold more clutter? The same applies to toy bins. Use small, shallow bins for organizing items so you are not holding onto excess and broken toys. And go through these bins once a month to get rid of any newly broken items.


Even when toys are in good condition, that doesn’t mean they are being played with or appreciated. The less toys children have, the more they will play with them. So take some time to start eliminating some of what you have, and at each birthday or Christmas, institute a one-in-one-out policy. You can take your child to donate these toys, building his or her charitable spirit.

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September 30, 2016

How to Declutter the Play Room

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