Whether you are reviewing a purchase you made or completing a product review for one of your affiliates, you want to make sure it is good. But considering that most product reviews we read are pretty basic, you might not really know where to start. To help, read our tips for writing a good product review below.

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Tips for Writing a Good Product Review

Start with Some Notes

Think of it as a brainstorm. What you need to do is write down everything you think of when reflecting on the product and your experience with it. This can be the mundane, the exceptional, the good, or the bad—whatever comes to mind. This will help you find your starting point.

Create the Introduction

If you are reviewing a product on a shopping site, use this introduction as a summary, that way potential buyers can learn what they need to learn and move on if they don’t have the time. If, however, you are writing a review for an affiliate, this needs to be more of the start of a narrative that helps readers connect with the product.

Answer Key Questions in the Body

And what are these key questions? That will vary by product, but the following are standard:
Is the product simple to use or assemble?
Would you consider it to be high quality?
Who would most benefit from this product?
What are the pros and cons of the product?
How does it compare to alternatives on the market?
Is it a good value?

Keep it Balanced

Especially if you are being paid to write the review. You don’t want to rave and rave about the product, because it comes off as insincere and will make readers suspicious.

Conclude with Your Recommendation

Should the reader buy it? Why or why not? Be clear, but be concise, allowing the reader to base their judgement off of yours.

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October 4, 2016

Tips for Writing a Good Product Review

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