Your readers expect you to stick to your schedule, but not every day is filled with inspiration. If you are feeling a little stuck, allow us to help. Below are 5 types of blog posts you can write today.

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5 Types of Blog Posts You Can Write Today

1. Tutorials

There are things you know how to do that others do not. Think about the things you love to do or do often, and then think about how you can explain them to others. Just like that, you have a blog post that is sure to grab some attention.

2. Listicles

Readers love lists. They are light reading that is easy to browse and easy to share. You might feel as if these posts have been done far too much, but the fact is that they are easy to write and effective. So why fix what isn’t broken?

3. Checklists

Many readers are simply looking for a little direction in their lives. So why not deliver just that? Checklists are a great way to give readers something they can use without taking up much time to create them. And if you ensure that the one you create is timeless, you can expect it to bring in traffic time and time again.

4. Reviews

Chances are you have bought something recently. Don’t let that purchase go to waste. Instead, write a review of the product that you can share on your blog. Snap a few pictures and you are good to go—and you might even catch the attention of a new sponsor.

5. Interviews

You know plenty of interesting people. So, why not interview one? This can be family, friends, a local store owner, even your kids. There are so many directions you can go in, and your readers are sure to love it.

Do you have a type of post you like to write when you are low on inspiration? Tell us about it!

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October 13, 2016

5 Types of Blog Posts You Can Write Today

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