For many of us, corn mazes play a big part in our childhood memories. Every fall, our families would make a trip to the local pumpkin patch where we would pick out our Halloween pumpkins, play some fun games, and—of course—get a little lost inside the corn maze.

4 Fun Corn Mazes to Enjoy with Your Family

4 Fun Corn Mazes to Enjoy with Your Family

For the average person, these corn mazes were pretty simple, designed to delight children, but proving to be less than impressive to the adults. But there are a few incredible corn mazes sprinkled throughout the United States that are just as impressive for the adults as they are for the kids. Below are 4 fun corn mazes to enjoy with your family.

Great Vermont Corn Maze

This corn maze is the largest in New England, and it is designed to be so complex to solve that they recommend you arrive no later than 1pm if you want to solve it before they close. They change their maze design every year, often creating designs that pay tribute to the local culture. But if you are going to experience it, you need to hop to it; the maze closes October 16th.

Kraay Family Farms Corn Maze

Need an excuse to visit Canada? Allow the Kraay Family Farms Corn Maze to give you a reason to make the trip. Located in Alberta, it is an ideal local for exploring the natural beauty Canada has to offer. 2016 is their 50th year of creating their massive corn maze, and as such, they are doing a lot to celebrate. If you are up for a real adventure, you can travel through the maze with just a flashlight after dark.

Treinen Farm Corn Maze

Out of the mazes on this list, the Treinen Farm Corn Maze has to be the cutest; this year it features rainbows, kittens, and baby unicorns. In addition to the winding maze, there are horse-drawn carriage rides, 14 acres of pumpkins, games for the whole family, and more. Really, despite the maze being impressive, it really isn’t even the coolest thing you can do there. Expect to spend at least one full day when you visit.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Corn Maze

This maze is designed to give you three options for how you approach it; yellow trail markers are for easy trips through the maze, orange clues are for those wanting to make things a little harder, and if you are wanting to make it on your own like a true adventurer, you use no clues at all. There are plenty of other attractions at the farm as well, so once again, plan to make a day of it.

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October 14, 2016

4 Fun Corn Mazes to Enjoy with Your Family

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