We know—every year we grumble about how the stores seem to be starting with Christmas earlier and earlier every year. So right now, you might be wondering if you really need to start thinking about holiday gift guides in October. Our answer is yes. First, you need the time to plan. Second, many people are already buying. So if you want to make the most of your guide, read our tips for hosting a holiday gift guide on your blog.

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Tips for Hosting a Holiday Gift Guide on Your Blog

Pick a Theme

You do not want your gift guide to be all over the place; it needs to be specific enough that your readers can easily apply it to their lives. But what if you like lots of things that don’t fit a single theme? Then create multiple gift guides! What are some possible themes?

  • 20 Great Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything
  • 10 Gifts That Won’t Make Teenagers Roll Their Eyes
  • 15 Gifts for Toddlers That Encourage Gross Motor Skills
  • 25 Makeup Gifts for the Beauty Challenged
  • 7 Gifts for Those Who Love to Cook

Promote Your Guide in Advance

Now is the time to start, allowing you to work in enough promotion before you post your guide. And if you do multiple guides, start by promoting the series, then promote each guide in the one before it. It is important that you drum up interest in your guides.

Incorporate Affiliate Links

One of the things that makes gift guides great is that they have the potential to generate extra revenue for you. Each time a reader purchases a product using your affiliate link, you earn commission. By the time the season is over, you should have extra money in the bank, allowing you to purchase some awesome gifts of your own.


Yes, you should always use SEO, but it is important that you focus on keywords that specifically appeal to shoppers, which is a little different than what you would usually do. And be sure to give special focus to optimizing your social media posts—especially Pinterest—as plenty of people will be using these platforms to find ideas this holiday season.

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October 17, 2016

Tips for Hosting a Holiday Gift Guide on Your Blog

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