We have all been there. We need to create some content, but rather than having the words fly from our fingertips, we find ourselves staring at a blank screen. In most cases, this resolves itself quickly. In other cases, things can start to feel a little desperate. So, how can you break free from writer’s block?

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How to Break Free from Writer’s Block

Try to Identify the Cause

In some cases, the reason isn’t clear. But oftentimes, it is. Perhaps you are just burned out, having spent too much time writing and writing and writing. Or maybe there has been a stressful event in your life. Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by a lot of little things and it has just added up.

If you can identify the cause, focus on remedying it rather than trying to push through your writer’s block. The sooner you can address the underlying reason, the sooner you will be back to writing. Trying to push through will only add stress.

But what if you aren’t sure? Then try some of the solutions below.

Go Somewhere Else

Sometimes a change of scenery will do wonders. Instead of writing where you always do, try a new spot. Just taking in a different view might be enough to reset your brain. Once you change your scenery, give it a little bit to see if it helps. If not, try something else.

Take a Walk

Or enjoy another form of exercise. Moving your body can often help wake up the mind. Try to find an activity that engages you, but not too much. You want the freedom to think and let your mind wander—you just might come up with your next great idea.

Get Quiet—Or Loud

Is your current environment too distracting? Go somewhere quiet where you can actually hear yourself think. However, if your situation is the exact opposite, try a little noise. Turn on some music, find a background noise program, and see if waking up your space helps.

Read and Write

Sometimes you need a little inspiration, and reading is a great way to get it. Another option is to freewrite, writing about anything and everything, not worrying about purpose or structure. Both are great ways to get creative juices flowing.

Do you have a trick you use to get over writer’s block? Share it with us.

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October 18, 2016

How to Break Free from Writer’s Block

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