Are you thinking about hosting a giveaway on your blog? Great idea! People love the chance to get something for free, and it will really draw in readers. However, you don’t want to just jump into your giveaway unprepared. Before you start, read our tips for hosting a giveaway on your blog below.

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Tips for Hosting a Giveaway on Your Blog

Know Your Purpose

The goal of a giveaway is not to just give something away; you will have other motivations for doing it. So, what is it that you are wanting to achieve? It is important that you have your goals in mind before you start, that way you can tailor your approach to getting the results you want. So whether you want to get more social media followers or you are aiming for readers to click affiliate links, think about it in advance.

Figure Out the Appeal of Your Prize

And not just in general, but specifically for your average reader. Why would they want this? How would it improve their lives? You want something that fits with your blog and appeals to your readers, otherwise it isn’t going to deliver the results you need.

Promote It

And not just on your blog. Yes, you need to mention it there, but social media is where you will really be able to drum up interest. Promote it on your social media accounts every day for at least a week in advance, and actively encourage your readers to share your posts. The larger your audience, the more likely you will be to reach your goals.

Be Careful Not to Spam

It is so tempting to go around promoting your giveaway wherever you can. But you need to be careful. Unless you are cross-promoting, keep it off of other people’s pages. And do not post in the comments section of other bloggers posts. You will come of scammy, and that isn’t what you want.

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October 20, 2016

Tips for Hosting a Giveaway on Your Blog

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