Looking for a fun way to spend the evening as a family? How about board games? If you just let out a groan, we understand. Most of us can remember the board games of our childhood, and save for a special few, they were more like torture than fun.

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4 Board Games Your Family Will Love

Luckily modern board games have managed to do a much better job of things. Now, board games are fun and engaging—definitely nothing to groan about. Below are our picks for 5 board games your family will love.

Rally Up!

Rally Up! is a card game where you work to match up cards in specific categories. The goal is to get more matches than your opponent does before the game ends. You need two players to play, but you can play with more, and you can also use teams if your children are a little too young to go it alone. As an added benefit, your children can learn a lot through the game about all sorts of topics.

Yoga Spinner

Give it a spin and see which pose it lands on. The game asks that you hold each pose for 10 second, but you can always increase the time depending on the abilities of your family. This game is fun, a little silly, and a great way to encourage physical activity.

Guess Who?

This one is a classic, and it is one of the older board games that isn’t so boring. In addition to playing the game as it arrives, you can also print out and add in your own photographs for a customized game that is sure to engage your family.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Pictionary with clay instead? Wonder no more—Dohdles! allows you to enjoy this experience. You will find yourselves laughing until you cry at some of the creations your family comes up with.

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October 21, 2016

4 Board Games Your Family Will Love

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