Since there has been color photography, red eye has been a problem. It loves to sneak its way in and take your photos from cute to demonic. And while editing it out is quite simple, now that we have photo editing apps in our pockets at all times, the best thing you can do is avoid it all together. To help you reduce red eye in your photographs, read the tips below.

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Tips for Reducing Red Eye in Photographs

First, What is Red Eye?

Red eye is a visual effect where the eyes a photo subject appear to glow red. This happens when flash is used as the light reflects off the retina and back to the camera. While you cannot prevent it from happening in every situation, you can take steps to reduce it.

Use Red-Eye Reduction Mode

If you are using a digital camera, it might offer red-eye reduction mode. Check your camera to see if it has it. If it does, use it any time you are photographing people or animals. Even if there is plenty of natural light and you don’t think the flash will have an effect, turn this mode on.

Don’t Photograph Head On

Not only will this reduce red eye, but it will make your photos more dynamic. Why does this reduce red eye? If your subject’s eyes are not directly facing the camera, they cannot reflect light back into the lens. The greater the angle away from the lens, the less likely it is that red eye will occur.

Photograph at a Distance

While you might need to use a special lens to get the photos you want, photographing from a distance pretty much eliminates the possibility of red eye, since the distance prevents the light from reflecting back into the lens. However, you cannot get too far away if you need the flash, so play around with your distance.

Use Other Light Sources

Finally, the best way to reduce red eye is to eliminate it all together by not using the flash. Instead, find ways to light your subject using natural light, lamps, or indirect flashes. This will eliminate the possibility of red eye occurring.

And if you do end up with red eye despite your best efforts, simply use a program to edit it out.

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October 25, 2016

Tips for Reducing Red Eye in Photographs

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