During the summer, occupying the kids while you get things done is pretty easy, assuming you have a secure outdoor space where you can keep an eye on them. But once the weather turns colder? Let’s just say that things get a little bit trickier. Does that mean you are left to pulling your hair out until sometime in 2017? Not at all. Below are four indoor activities for toddlers when you are busy.

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4 Indoor Activities for Toddlers When You Are Busy

Skee Ball

No, you don’t need to run out and buy an expensive machine. For this, all you need are some soft balls—which you no doubt already have—some laundry baskets—which you no doubt already have—and a cardboard box—which you no doubt already have. If you want, you can assign points, but for toddlers, just playing is plenty of fun. Plus, your child will be working on important motor skills.

Cardboard Beads for Threading

These cardboard beads are easy to make and will keep your child busy for quite a while. This is a great activity for children who are just starting to work on their fine motor skills. As an alternative to making cardboard beads yourself, if you have some pools noodles ready to be retired, you can cut them up into beads for the same activity.

Painting with Water

This is actually just one of the activities at the link, but it is the one we want to features. We love the idea of encouraging your child’s creative side without running the risk of making a mess. You can do this with multiple items, not just paper, so don’t be afraid to try something different. Your child will love this one.

Felt Play Scenes

This will take some preparation on your part, but the payoff is big, because your child will continue to use these play scene elements time after time. And because they are so cheap to make, you will likely add to them as time goes on. These scenes are fun, creative, and great for occupying your child for an hour or even more.

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October 26, 2016

4 Indoor Activities for Toddlers When You Are Busy

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