Paper, paper everywhere. This is the case for most of us, and if you have kids, you probably have more laying around than most. From newspaper to toilet paper to rolls to the many, many paintings your child creates, you can’t just store it all around the house. But you can craft with it. Below are 6 ways to recycle paper into kids’ crafts.

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4 Ways to Recycle Paper into Kids’ Crafts

Recycled Newspaper Flower Craft

Who knew newspaper could look so beautiful? This craft is a great way to transform newsprint into a work of art. It is also great for children developing their fine motor skills. This is a craft you will be proud to display and will want to do over and over again.

Coiled Paper Ornaments

Tis the season? Not quite yet, but soon enough, so why not check out this craft? In addition to being very cool, it is also a knockoff of West Elm ornaments. So not only are you completing a craft with the kids, you are also saving money on your holiday décor. An added benefit? You don’t need a specific type of paper for this one; anything you having around the house will do.

Homemade Paper

Yes, you can use paper to make more paper. This is an interesting way to learn more about recycling while also crafting. We love the idea of using this homemade paper for thank you notes, birthday cards, and holiday greetings. And your child will be so very proud about making something that is not only pretty, but useful.

Cats and Dogs from Newspaper

Yes, this is another one that uses newspaper, but you could use other recycled paper for the accents. Younger children may need some help, but older children should be able to handle this independently. And while the link is about cats and dogs, you could create anything your imagination can come up with.

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October 28, 2016

4 Ways to Recycle Paper into Kids’ Crafts

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