Do you often find yourself embarrassed by the errors you make in your writing? You are not alone. Everyone makes mistakes, but even if you proofread your work, some mistakes are going to slip through.

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3 Programs to Check Spelling and Grammar Before You Post

Why is that? It is because we already know what the words say—because we wrote them—so our brains automatically fill in what is correct, ignoring our own errors. If you have ever noticed that you can better proof other’s work than your own, this is why.

So, do you need to hire an editor? If you wish, but there are excellent grammar and spelling checkers that will help you catch most of the errors you overlook. Check out 3 of them below.


Grammarly has been big for many years, and with good reason—it is very thorough. It also gives you plenty of options when it comes to what it checks and how it checks it. So, if you need it to me more forgiving when writing fiction and stricter when writing a report, it can do that. Its vocabulary enhancement feature will even help you find better ways to phrase your writing, and flag words you repeat too often. It also offers easy to understand explanations that can actually help you improve yourself over time.

Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a sold grammar and spelling tool, but what really separates it from the rest is its plagiarism tool. If you often find yourself worried that you are accidentally plagiarizing your sources, this tool can help you double check yourself and put your mind at ease. It is also great for students. And, as a very big added benefit, it is 100% free.

Ginger Grammar Checker

This tools goes beyond the typical spelling and grammar checkers, offering contextual spelling check and sentence rephrasing. It is designed to improve your productivity as a writer in addition to ensuring you are following the rules. You can use it online or download the program to your computer.

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November 3, 2016

3 Programs to Check Spelling and Grammar Before You Post

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