Do you feel like you run out of steam in the middle of the day? We feel you. In fact, this is a problem that most people have. So how do most people solve it?

5 Ways to Get Active During the Day

5 Ways to Get More Energy without Using Caffeine

By grabbing another cup of coffee, or guzzling an energy drink. And while these choices will provide a temporary burst of energy, the energy they provide burns of quickly and will leave you feeling more depleted than before. So, what are the alternatives? Check out 5 ways to get more energy without using caffeine below.

1. Work Out

This sounds counterintuitive. You are already tired, so why burn more energy? Because working out wakes your body up, delivering a burst of energy that lasts longer than most other means of energizing yourself. There are lots of apps that focus on short workouts that you can use to help increase your energy levels.

2. Sit in the Sun

Humans are not meant to be stuck indoors, so when you spend all day inside working, your body naturally feels low on energy, and you might even feel depressed. To counteract this, get outside and sit in the sun. Take your lunch break outside and you will find that you return to work feeling much better.

3. Focus on Food

Food is fuel, but the wrong foods can leave you feeling more tired than energized. Start looking into recipes that are designed to provide lasting energy rather than quick bursts of energy. Combine eating the right things with taking lunch outside and you will notice an incredible difference.

4. Stretch

Sometimes all you need is to get your blood flowing. Some simple stretches that you can do at your desk will help to encourage blood flow, increasing energy as a result. And if you want to take it further, look into some simple yoga sequences that you can accomplish in just a few minutes.

5. Try Breathing Exercises

Much like stretching, these exercises encourage health blood flow. Combined with stretching, they can also help to calm you and center you. In many cases, we feel like we lack energy because we are spending our energy on worry and anxiety. By calming and centering ourselves, we free up that energy so we can be more productive.

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November 9, 2016

5 Ways to Get More Energy without Using Caffeine

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