When it comes to picture-centric social media, Instagram and Snapchat are the kings. So it is understandable that the two are always looking for ways to compete with each other. The latest development in this competition is the Stories feature on Instagram, designed to compete with Snapchat’s My Story feature.

How to Use Instagram Stories

The Basics

Instagram stories are available for exactly 24 hours, after which point they disappear. To create your story, you simply open the story feature and then begin taking or adding pictures and videos. You can add a single photo or video, or you can add as many as you like—which is where the story idea comes into play. Once you have selected your photos and videos, you can edit them by adding filters, text, and other items. Once you are finished, you save and share.

How to Simplify

If you already use Snapchat, you can create your designs there and then download them. Once they are downloaded, you can upload them to an Instagram story. This way, you get double the use and double the exposure from your work.

Muting Stories

It is important that you are creating interesting and engaging stories. If you aren’t, followers can mute them, which puts your stories at the bottom of their lineup. This will destroy your reach.

On the flip side, you can hide your stories from those you don’t want to see them.

Marketing with Stories

Because they are temporary, you can use stories to drum up interest in an event that is happening soon (within 24 hours) or use a series of stories to tease a big event. Keep in mind that stories do not allow comments, which means that the usual back-and-forth element of social media is not present, so you will need to tailor your content around this.

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November 10, 2016

How to Use Instagram Stories

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