Maybe you are the kind of person who puts up Christmas decorations the moment Halloween is over. Or perhaps you prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving. Either way, stockings are no doubt part of your holiday décor. And while store-bought stockings are great, we also love homemade decorations. To help you feel inspired, below are 5 ways to make your own Christmas stocking.

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5 Ways to Make Your Own Christmas Stocking

1. Recycle a Special Item

If you know how to sew, it is easy to repurpose something special to you as a stocking. Favorite t-shirts can be cut and sewn, blankets can be transformed, and even stuffed animals can be turned into a sentimental stocking that you will display year after year. And there will always be a story to be told as you hang them on the wall.

2. Customize a Store-Bought Stocking

This is a great idea for craft time with the kids or for anyone who sees a stocking they like, but don’t quite love. Customize with gems, glitter, paint, patches, and whatever else strikes your fancy. This is a great way to get a custom look without having to put in tons of effort.

3. Make it from Felt

Do you have a felt Christmas tree on your wall for the kids? Then why not add felt stockings. Your little ones can play with them and change up their look each day while still making your home feel festive and bright.

4. Knit or Crochet Stockings

If you are a seasoned pro, this should be easy. And if you aren’t, this is still a fairly simple item to make. Knit and crocheted stockings give a rustic feel to your seasonal décor and can help make your home feel even cozier.

5. Make it from Paper

This one won’t last season after season, but it does make a great craft for the kids. Just cut out the right shapes and have fun. You can even make a series of small stockings and string them together as a garland.

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November 11, 2016

5 Ways to Make Your Own Christmas Stocking

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