We all know to look out for coupons and special deals, but those are not the only ways to save money when shopping online. Much like shopping in stores, there are some tricks you can use to get the things you want and need for a steal. Below are 5 tips for saving when shopping online.

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5 Tips for Saving When Shopping Online

1. Beat Dynamic Pricing

What is dynamic pricing? It is where online retailers show different prices to different people. Factors used to do this include your location, your browsing habits, you spending patterns, and how in-demand the product is at the time. So, what are things you can do to get around this?

  • Clear your cookies before you shop.
  • Log out of social media accounts before you shop.
  • Use incognito browsing or the TOR browser.

2. Shop on Certain Days

Certain products are cheaper on certain days. Airline tickets will cost less on Sunday, while most retailers will offer deals on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. There are many guides online that specific the exact days specific retailers offer their deals, so Google before you purchase.

3. Ask for a Refund if Prices Drop

After you make a purchase, monitor the pricing of the product to see if there is a price drop. If there is one within a week to a month after your purchase, contact the retailer to see if they will offer you a refund for the difference. Not all retailers will do this, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

4. Search for Coupon Codes

Don’t just rely on the ones the company emails to you. Oftentimes, there are other codes out there, some of which might be better than the one you have. And whenever possible, use multiple codes to maximize your savings.

5. Sign Up for All the Emails

But don’t use your regular address. Instead, create a special address just for subscribing to email lists. This way, you don’t become inundated by emails every day. As an added benefit, you can also choose only to look at them when you have a need for something, reducing the chances of impulse buying.

Do you have any tricks you use to save money when shopping online? Tell us about them!

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November 14, 2016

5 Tips for Saving When Shopping Online

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