Just as you change your wardrobe from time to time, you should also change the look of your blog. Now, these changes do not need to be dramatic—in fact, it is often better if they aren’t. But small updates matter, and you should try to make some a couple times a year.

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How to Update Your Blog’s Look Inexpensively

But how can you afford that? Quite easily, with the right approach. Below are some tips on how you can update your blog’s look inexpensively.

Keep it Simple

Think about small changes that can have a big impact. You can alter the color scheme, try a different font, get a new heading, or add something to the sidebar. All of these changes are simple to make, small, but also are noticeable. Your regular readers will appreciate the change of scenery. And, since the changes are simple, they won’t cost much.

Find it on Fiverr

To help keep costs down, even on simple jobs, head over to Fiverr. There, you should be able to find professionals who can make the needed changes for just $5. Now that is a deal you cannot pass by. And even if you want something a bit more complicated, it is still likely to be the cheapest place to find it.

Teach Yourself

Another way to keep it affordable is to go DIY. If you aren’t an expert already, teach yourself using an online course and play around on a practice site so you don’t cause too much trouble while learning. Once you are confident, you can make the changes you want.

Exchange Services

Finally, you could always find someone who knows how to do it and offer an exchange of service—say, you write some posts for them and they make your updates. This is completely free, and it helps you make connections.

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November 29, 2016

How to Update Your Blog’s Look Inexpensively

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