Bloggers aren’t supposed to need breaks. Right? They work from home, write about what interests them, and are basically living the dream. Or so you would think. But the reality of blogging is that it can get quite stressful, and as with any writing-based job, sometimes it is a struggle to get the words out. So, despite it seeming like a cushy gig to outsiders, even bloggers need a break.

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How to Tell if You Need a Break from Blogging

But how can you tell if that is really what you need? Below are 4 signs to look for to tell if you need a break from blogging.

You Actively Avoid Writing Posts

Rather than sitting down and writing that next post, you work to find other things to do. First it is the laundry—reasonable. Then it is meal planning—sure. Then it is organizing the closet in the spare bedroom and sorting your fabric samples by color—and now we are clearly actively avoiding the real task at hand.

You Have to Push Yourself to Finish a Post

“Just 100 more words,” you tell yourself. “That’s it. Then you can relax.” And each of those 100 words is like drawing blood. You start wondering if maybe you could cut it short on this post. Maybe it won’t really effect SEO. Maybe the readers just want something quick and easy today.

You Have Been Struggling with Ideas for More than a Week

Struggling to come up with post ideas every now and then is normal. Even a few days in a row is okay. But once you reach the point that you have been struggling for a week or more, it is a sign that you need a break to recharge.

You Don’t Like Your Recent Posts

This is a big one. If you have reached the point that you don’t like the content you are putting out, you need to step away. If you don’t like it, chances are your readers aren’t too fond of it either. It is better to get some distance and come back than to keep putting out subpar posts.

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December 1, 2016

How to Tell if You Need a Break from Blogging

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