For decades, when it comes to homes, bigger was better. Everyone was looking for more rooms and bigger rooms. But over the last few years, the tide has changed. People are less likely to seek out massive floor plans, often choosing smaller homes instead.

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How to Downsize to a Smaller Home When You Work from Home

In some cases, the motive is money. For others, it is a desire for a simpler life. But if you work from home, is downsizing a possibility? It is if you approach it correctly. Below are some tips on how to downsize to a smaller home when you work from home.

Sacrifice Another Space

Assuming that you have a dedicated office space at the moment, and the smaller home you are considering doesn’t have one, you might be wondering if you have to give up the office. Depending on the home you are looking at, you might not have to. For example, if there is a guest bedroom, make that the office, or combine the two. Is there both a formal dining space and a casual dining space? Give one up and make it an office. And maybe there is an awkward, bonus space that you figured could be something like a playroom. In that case, forget the playroom and make it an office.

Look into Dual-Purpose Furniture

The more jobs a piece of furniture has, the better. This will help you work your office into another space or minimize its footprint. Look into loft beds with office space underneath, coffee tables that can be raised to be used as a desk, and even Murphy tables that fold down from the wall.

Repurpose a Closet

Think you can sacrifice a little bit of storage space? Then turn a closet into a mini office. Use the vertical space for storage and opt for a small chair that can be pushed in while still allowing the door to close. When you aren’t working, the office won’t even exist.

Look at Tiny Homes for Inspiration

Finally, there are lots of innovative solutions you can find by researching tiny house living. Take some time to explore communities dedicated to this lifestyle and you will no doubt find an excellent solution for you.

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December 5, 2016

How to Downsize to a Smaller Home When You Work from Home

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