Passwords can be such a problem. You want them to be hard enough that hackers cannot guess them, but also easy enough for you to remember. And there are so many rules to follow! It can get overwhelming in a hurry.

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3 Secure Ways to Remember All of Your Passwords

What is the solution most people use? They make one password that seems nice and complex and use it everywhere. No good. All it takes is for one site to be hacked and the ill-intentioned will have access to all of your accounts. And that means you need many different passwords. How many? Try a different password for every site. Yes, that many.

Which then leads us to a question: how can you remember all of these passwords safely? Below are 3 secure ways to remember all of your passwords.

Use a System

Out of all the options out there, this one is the best. The basic recommended system is as follows:

  • Pick a base password. This password is the foundation used to build all passwords. Incorporate capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Do not use words in the dictionary for this. Instead, think of a phrase and then use the first letters of each word in the phrase. Incorporate the numbers and symbols however works best.
  • Create site categories and give these categories a special abbreviation. For example, social networking sites could have the abbreviation SN, or shopping sites the abbreviation ShSi. Add this onto the front of your base password for all sites that fall into the given category.
  • Then, come up with an abbreviation for the site itself. Tack this onto the end of the password.

With this system, you get strong, unique passwords for every site, but they are easy to remember if you know the system.

Keep a Password Book

Writing down your passwords might seem like a terrible idea, but the truth is that is a very secure way to store them. Yes, if someone broke into your home, they would have the information, but thieves breaking into houses aren’t looking for password books. The people who are looking for passwords use high-tech ways to get them, which means that in this case, old school is the way to go.

Use a Password Service

Finally, there are many extensions and programs that will keep track of all your passwords for you. Be sure to research the service before you commitment so you know how trustworthy it is.

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December 8, 2016

3 Secure Ways to Remember All of Your Passwords

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