If you Google or head over to Pinterest, you can find plenty of guides about how to upcycle items into ornaments. But what about the ornaments themselves? Many people switch up their decorating scheme every year or so many years, which means their old ornaments may no longer work on the tree. Does that mean you need to toss them or donate them? Not at all? Upcycle them into other décor for your home or as gifts for others. Below are a few ideas for how to upcycle Christmas ornaments.

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How to Upcycle Christmas Ornaments

Use Them in a Wreath

Ornaments can be a great way to bring color and festiveness to a wreath. You can secure them to the wreath in strategic spots or even create a wreath that is completely made of ornaments. Add in some lights and you have quite the conversation piece. And if you know someone, such as a college student, who doesn’t have room for a tree, this can be a great substitute.

Create a Fun and Festive Chandelier

Your lights don’t need to be boring this holiday season. Instead, use ornaments and a hoop to create a fun and festive chandelier. This is an unexpected way to bring in the holiday spirit and is sure to impress your guests.

Fill Jars with Ornaments and Lights

If you have smaller ornaments you are retiring, this is a good craft to try. There is very little to it; simply add in ornaments and lights, turn on the lights, and sit the jar where you like. Just be sure to pick up battery-operated lights so you don’t need to drill a hole.

String Them as Garland

While garland is often used on trees, you can also use it in other spots. Think wrapping around the banister, sitting on the entertainment center, or draping along the mantle. For these purposes, ornament garland is a great way to go.

Use Them Outside

Finally, consider decorating more than one tree. No, you don’t have to buy multiple Christmas trees. Instead, head outside and get to decorating. This gives the kids something extra for fun, and helps add cheer to the dreary, winter yard.

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December 9, 2016

How to Upcycle Christmas Ornaments

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