Is the cupcake craze over? Not at all! Cupcakes are still quite trendy, especially when it comes to birthday parties and as treats during the holidays. But the problem is decorating them. Because you have to make so many, you don’t want to get too fancy, otherwise you are just punishing yourself. But at the same time, going too simple can seem like you are giving it enough effort. So, what can you do?

4 Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas

4 Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Try out some decorating ideas that are cute without being difficult to do. To help inspire you, check out our 4 easy cupcake decorating ideas below.

Top with Candy

Make a sweet treat even sweater by topping it with candy. This way, even if your frosting isn’t that impressive, you are hiding it with something that looks great. Have fun with this and try out different types of candy to get different looks.

Use Edible Glitter

Yes, there is such a thing as edible glitter, and when you top cupcakes with it, they feel like they are truly something special. This is once again a great way to hide a not so great frosting job, but it also is ideal for anything festive. Champagne cupcakes on New Year’s Eve, perhaps?

Opt for Marshmallow Over Frosting

Frosting isn’t even needed. You can use marshmallows instead. However, you do want them to melt. You can either pop them on top right as baking finishes or add them after and use a torch to roast them, creating smores cupcakes.

Dip in Crushed Cookies

Finally, crush up some of your favorite cookies and dip the frosting in them. This adds a new layer of flavor and, once again, hides any less-than-perfect frosting jobs. Cookies and cream? Cheesecake frosting with graham crackers? The combinations are endless and ideal for having fun.

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December 16, 2016

4 Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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