So, you work from home. That means you don’t need childcare, right? Oh, how we wish. But the truth is that most work-at-home parents require at least some help to balance the demands of both work and children.

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How to Choose a Babysitter When You Work at Home

But because you work from home, what you look for in a babysitter may be different, which might make it harder to choose one. To help, take a look at our guide for how to choose a babysitter when you work from home.

Determine What Level of Help You Need

Do you need someone who is there before and after school? Are you looking for someone who provides all day care? Do you need intense supervision of the kids, or are they more independent? Do you need help with household tasks too?

Your answers to these questions will determine what you are looking for. Before and after school care might mean that you need another mom to come help out for an hour or so each day. All day care means you need someone with better availability. If the kids are pretty independent, you could take the risk of hiring someone young or less experienced. If you need help with household tasks, you need to find someone who is not only willing to do this, but also good at handling these chores.

Ask Yourself How Much You Can Be Interrupted

Even good sitters can be a bit disruptive at first as they learn the routine and where things are. But you can bet that younger and less experienced sitters will be more disruptive. Additionally, having a friend help might seem great, but they might be too tempted to chat. If you need no interruption, hiring a professional service is likely your best bet.

Ask for References

No matter the age or level of experience of the babysitter, you need to ask for references. For experienced sitters, this should focus on professional references. For the less experienced, consider personal references. And, in all cases possible, perform a background check before you hire or use a sitter service that completes them for you.

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December 21, 2016

How to Choose a Babysitter When You Work at Home

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