There are only two more sleeps til Christmas, so if you are planning to celebrate with the kiddos, you need to get moving. Now, all is not lost; there are still some fun ways you can celebrate together. Below are some fun, last-minute ways to celebrate Christmas with kids.

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Fun, Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Kids

Get Crafting

Until the 26th, it isn’t too late to do some Christmas crafts with the kids. And there are so many options out there. Sure, the countdown ones are out at this point, but all the others are still fair game. Head out to your local craft store or get creative with what you have around the house.

Take Photos and Edit Together

For smaller children, this may not work, but for older kids, this can be a blast. Look into apps like Pics Art, which offer simple ways to edit and customize photos. This is a great way to have fun, enjoy the season, and end up with something shareable online.

Make Christmas Treats

Santa needs his cookies, and so do you. Take some time and make treats together. For older kids, embrace baking, but for younger kids, look into all the no bake options that are just as tasty and just as fun to make.


Sometimes the best way to celebrate the season is to help others. This is incredibly rewarding and more fun than people realize. Volunteering connects you with the reason for the season and will give you all that much more to be thankful for on Christmas day.

Build Gingerbread Houses

Finally, we already have crafting and making food, so why not craft with food? Before you start, look into gingerbread house hacks online, which will help save you plenty of headaches, hassle, and tears. Also, head to the dollar store for the candies to decorate with since you get the most bang for your buck.

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December 22, 2016

Fun, Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Kids

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