We have all been there, whether we write for a living or not. We open up the new document, type a few words, then delete. Then we sit, and stare, and think, and think, and nothing comes. It is deadly.

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4 Ways to Get Out of a Writing Rut

But what is the solution? If you write for a living, you have to get those words out one way or another. So what can you do? Why not try our 4 ways to get out of a writing rut below.


You are not alone. There are plenty of writers who are ready and willing to help you out and bounce ideas; just check out any writer-specific online forum. There are also lots of freelancers who would love to help you out by helping you develop your ideas or even write a few posts for you. Sometimes you just need someone else to help you get going.

Change Your View

Are you sitting in your office, stumped as to what you should write? Then get up and move somewhere else. Start by trying different locations within your home, and if that doesn’t work, head on out. Sometimes all you need is a change of scene to hit the reset button and get going.

Take a Break

Another thing that can go a long ways is to just take a break from trying. Take as long as you need to stop feeling frustrated. And something else that can work is to simply switch up the time of day you are writing at.

Set the Mood

Think about the five senses. We already noted changing your view, but what about what you hear, smell, taste, and touch? Put on some music, light a candle, make some tea, and wrap yourself in something cozy. Then, sit down and try again.

Have you ever been in a writing rut and found a way to get yourself out and back to work? Share it with us!

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January 3, 2017

4 Ways to Get Out of a Writing Rut

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