Most adults have mixed feelings about snow. Yes, it really sets the mood, and yes, it can be very fun. But there is the salting, the shoveling, the slipping and sliding.

Best Active Games for Kids in the Winter

5 Fun Activities for a Snow Day

However, you don’t want your kids to see the downside of snow just yet. You still want them to revel in that winter magic. To help, try out the 5 fun activities for a snow day below.

1. Make Snow Angels

It is simple and classic, but that is why we love it. Even small children can easily make snow angels—a big bonus when other activities can be too frustrating, especially while wearing gloves and other layers. Plus, you can get creative with the snow angels and decorate them when done, making them something very special.

2. Build Snow Creatures

Sure, snowmen are great, but what about snow cats, and snow dogs? The possibilities are limitless, and by moving beyond the usual snowman, you can really help challenge your child and get creative. Maybe even turn it into a family competition.

3. Make a Snow Fort or Igloo

What kid doesn’t love building a fort? But rather than using the couch cushions, use snow. Depending on how much snow has fallen, you can even create an entire snow village for the kids to enjoy.

4. Enjoy Snow Ice Cream

Whether or not this is a good idea will depend on the pollution where you live. But if it is safe, go for it. There are lots of recipes online, and even special devices to help you make the ice cream.

5. Try Snow Art

You can paint the snow. This is something you can do on its own, or you can use this to decorate your other snow creations. Use water and Kool aide or food coloring to create the paints and then apply them with spray bottles, sponges, paint brushes, and more.

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January 5, 2017

5 Fun Activities for a Snow Day

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