Do you struggle to make the most of your day? Many of us do. We set a schedule, and before lunch, we are already missing the mark. By the end of the day, we are stressed and frustrated and still not finished with everything we needed to get done. And while we will all have bad days from time to time, there are things we can do to make most of our days run more smoothly. To help, check out our 4 helpful tips for time management below.

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4 Helpful Tips for Time Management

When You Make Your Schedule, Schedule Downtime

You can think of this as a little reward to yourself or as buffer time to ensure that if a task runs over, it doesn’t throw the whole day off. However, after each task, make sure you have some downtime scheduled as well. How much? Try to give yourself at last 3-5 minutes, maybe more depending on the task proceeding the downtime.

Don’t Overload Yourself

We all have our limits; know yours. While we are often told we need to push ourselves, that should be seen in terms of doing better, not doing more. Figure out what you can comfortably do on your average days and keep your schedule within those limits.

Minimize Distractions

TV, tablets, phones, and more can prove to be detrimental distractions. Do whatever you can to eliminate them. Additionally, if you work online and you find that various alerts and multiple tabs are too tempting, look into special browsers that are designed to eliminate these distractions and keep you on task.

Get Up and Move

Finally, when we lose energy, we slow down. While it might take time from your schedule, getting up and moving will return that time in terms of your energy boost. Look into apps that offer 7 minute workouts or less, allowing you to make the most of your downtime.

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January 6, 2017

4 Helpful Tips for Time Management

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