Did your New Year’s resolution have something to do with going to the gym? Whether you are looking to lose weight, get healthy, or just get out of the house, heading to the gym is a great way to get on track this new year. But many of us struggle to find the time.

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Tips for Finding Time to Go to the Gym

After all, that is why so many people quit working out. They have the motivation, they have the desire—they just lack the time needed. But not you; even with your busy schedule, you can find the time to spare for a little fitness. Below are some tips for finding time to go to the gym so you can stay on track and reach your goals.

Schedule It

“Once I finish this task, I’ll grab my bag and go.”

This is not scheduling. We tell ourselves it is, but it isn’t. Instead, it is a little promise we make to ourselves so we can feel better, knowing that it will likely be broken when the task runs overtime.

Scheduling is setting the same time each day for going to the gym. No matter what is going on, you go. To make this easier, pick a time of day you are unlikely to get distracted with other tasks, making you tempted to steal gym time so you can get other things done.

Don’t Crowd Your Life

Work, carpool, bake sales, book club, housework, and other things add up quick. Some of these things are optional; others, not so much. When you can cut something out, ask yourself if you truly love it, if it rewards you. If you love it, find a way to keep it. If you don’t, find a way to cut it out. The less you have going on, the less likely you are to find a reason not to hit the gym.

Create a Home Gym

“Oh, sure—just let me find the space and the money for that.”

This might seem like an unattainable luxury, but it really isn’t. A home gym doesn’t need lots of fancy equipment; there are plenty of workouts that only need some space and a soft mat. By setting up a gym at home, you get rid of the commute time that stops many from bothering with getting fit.

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January 11, 2017

Tips for Finding Time to Go to the Gym

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