Introverted adults have become mainstream. While once considered closed off and awkward, the Internet has given rise to the trendy introvert. But while those of us who are grown can easily embrace our nature, it can be harder for children. There is no online community they can find solace in, no memes to celebrate them. And many children’s activities are simply not designed for them.

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5 Fun Activities for Introverted Children

If you have an introverted child, one of the most important things you can do is come up with activities that are engaging for him or her. To help, check out 5 fun activities for introverted children below.

1. Writing Stories and More

Writing can be very solitary. However, it can also be made social. You can write a story together, illustrate it together, and more. While you don’t want to push your child too far, it is a good idea to use this comforting and fun activity as a way to help branch out and reach out.

2. Training Pets

For many introverts, their pet is one of their best friends. So one way to work in some fun is to work on training the pet or pets. And if you don’t have an animal as part of your family just yet, strongly consider it for your child’s wellbeing.

3. Volunteer Often

But seek out activities that aren’t overwhelmingly social. We already mentioned pets, so look into walking dogs at a shelter. Libraries often need volunteers; you might be able to help clean, sort items, or even read to younger children with your child.

4. Embrace Art

All kinds of art. Paint, sculpt, craft—whatever strikes your fancy. This can be both fun and therapeutic, allowing your child to express emotions he or she might otherwise keep bottled up.

5. Practice Solo Sports

Team sports may be overwhelming, but solo sports may not. Swimming, tennis, karate, and more are good options for the introverted child.

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January 13, 2017

5 Fun Activities for Introverted Children

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