Does your blog need a landing page? Absolutely. Many bloggers think the main page of their blog will suffice, but this isn’t true. When readers follow a call to action, they don’t want to find themselves staring at a bunch of posts; what they want is something that helps them understand what your blog is about without needing to click links and explore.

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How to Create a Landing Page for Your Blog

A great landing page should make new readers want to take action. This might be to buy something, to subscribe to something, or just to keep on reading. However, the goal is to make something happen. Of course, to do that, you need a good landing page. To help, check our guide on how to create a landing page for your blog.

Start by Welcoming the Reader

And don’t just say hello, but give them something engaging, something they can really use. This is a great place to feature a post that really shows off your knowledge of your niche. You can also link them to your top five posts or something else that encourages the reader to continue exploring.

Get Those Followers

These can be followers on social media, subscribers to your email list, subscribers to your feed—whatever it is that you need. Make sure the needed buttons are prominent, and feature a call to action to get the reader to make that click.

Create Special Landing Pages for Specific Sites

Are you posting in a forum that is related to cooking? Then create a landing page you can link to that is targeted toward foodies. You can do the same for any interest that fits within your niche. Use this strategy when guest posting for other bloggers, posting on forums, or even interacting on social media.

While there are different ways to approach this, it is clear that having a landing page—or several—is a must for any blogger. Do you have any tips for creating a landing page for a blog? Share them with us!

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January 17, 2017

How to Create a Landing Page for Your Blog

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