Many people have been trying to break into the eBook market. Because it is passive income—you write it once and keep making money—it has incredible appeal. But doing this is easier said than done.

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5 Steps to Getting Started with Writing an eBook

If you are struggling to figure out what to write, we are here to help. Try out our 5 steps to getting started with writing an eBook below.

1. Stick to Subjects You Know

Do you need to be a true expert? No, honestly you don’t. But you don’t want to be a total novice either. For example, maybe you aren’t an interior designer, but you have decorated your house and you get lots of complements. Chances are you have enough knowledge to get started and research can fill in the rest.

2. Scout the Category

Head over to Amazon and see which eBooks are selling best in your targeted category. Looking at the titles, get a feel for what it is that people are looking for. From there, you can start brainstorming a bit.

3. Read the Table of Contents for the Top 5 Best Sellers in the Category

Carefully see what each book covers and notice where there are gaps as you compare them to each other. Using this, create an outline for your book that helps it to cover the vital information while also closing those gaps the other books seems to have.

4. Do Your Research

And by do your research, we don’t mean read the top 5 books and pull from them. While checking out their sources is a good idea, you don’t want to risk accidentally plagiarizing them. The best thing you can do is get to researching independent of the books you will be competing against.

5. And Get to Writing

You don’t want to overthink it, especially if your goal is to turn out books with enough frequency to really make a profit. Instead, once you have an outline and have your info, just dive in and push forward.

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January 18, 2017

5 Steps to Getting Started with Writing an eBook

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