If you are like most of us, you are terrible at proofreading or editing your own work. Sure, you can be critical of your writing, but spotting grammatical errors or noticing you are repeating that same word over and over again? Not as easy to catch.

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4 Helpful Sites for Proofreading and Editing Your Blog Posts

Does this mean you need to hire an editor or proofreader? Not necessarily. There are plenty of sites out there that can help you improve your writing. Below are just 4 helpful sites for proofreading and editing your blog posts.


This site is a great all-around tool for improving your writing. The grammar checker finds those silly mistakes why the writing suggestions helps you with elements of style. It also comes with a plagiarism checker to help you make sure that your blog post really is as original as you think it is.


Grammarly is a site, but it is also an extension that you can use on your web browser. This is great for bloggers because you can check the quality of your writing without needing to copy and paste. You can toggle various checks on and off to ensure that Grammarly is checking exactly what you want it to.

Slick Write

If your tone is more academic than conversational, Slick Write might be the right choice for you. It is designed to be used by college students, but there is no reason you cannot use it for checking your blog posts. The customizable feedback option is great for those who want to really improve their writing in general, not just their posts.

Pro Writing Aid

Do you need a tool that integrates with Word, Scrivner, and more? Then Pro Writing Aid is for you. This tool works with so many different browsers and processors that you will be able to go back and forth without having to find different tools for each. You do need to pay to get access to the full suite of features, but it is well worth it.

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January 19, 2017

4 Helpful Sites for Proofreading and Editing Your Blog Posts

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