Direct sales has been around for a long time. Your grandmother likely hosted Tupperware parties in her living room and sold Avon to her neighbors. But it is only in the last few years that direct sales has truly exploded. Thousands of new companies have emerged on the market, looking to take advantage of the way social media allows us to communicate with greater ease. And collectively, these companies take in billions in sales every year.

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Tips for Getting Started with Direct Sales

When you become an associate with a direct sales company, you get to keep a percentage of every sale you make. The exact percentage you keep will vary from company to company. However, if you are great at sales and have the pool of potential customers needed, you can make a comfortable living from direct sales.

So, is it really that easy? Just pick a company and hit up friends and family for sales? Not quite. The truth is that most people who go into direct sales will fail within the first year. To help you get a great start, check out our tips for getting started with direct sales below.

Sell What You Would Buy

Do you live in leggings? Must a candle always be lit in your home? Does your purse collection monopolize your closet? Look for companies that sell things you would buy for yourself. First, this indicates that you see quality in what you are selling. And second, it means that you will be able to make others see the good in the products. Can you sell things you don’t like? If you are a natural at sales, yes. But it is better to stick to something you enjoy.

Keep it Real

Do not exaggerate the benefits of the product you are selling. First, this isn’t ethical. Second, it is a great way to alienate the people you love. If you take the right approach, direct sales is a way you can offer great products to friends and family while making a living. Take the wrong approach, and it can ruin relationships.

Respect the No

Sometimes, you are going to be told no, and this is okay. It isn’t a failure on your part and it doesn’t mean that your business won’t take off. Pushiness isn’t going to reward you in the end, and it can actual hurt the reputation of the larger company you are selling for. Keep it casual and friendly.

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January 24, 2017

Tips for Getting Started with Direct Sales

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