There are a few apps I rely on as a work at home mom. Working from home makes life easier, right? Well, in many cases, yes. But there are also aspects that become more complicated. There is more to balance, and if the kids are home with you all day, a great deal more chaos. So, how can you stay sane while doing it all? With the help of a few apps.

5 Apps I Rely on as a Work-at-Home Mom

5 Apps I Rely on as a Work-at-Home Mom

Drop Box

From uploading documents to preserving photos, Drop Box is a must have. You can use it to collaborate with clients, keep sensitive information secure, and organize just about everything. A premium membership is a little costly, but well worth it for any work-at-home mom.

YouTube for Kids

Yes, yes, I know: screen time isn’t the best. But if you are working from home and taking care of the kids, sometimes you will need a little to get something done. The best feature of this app is the timer, which you can set for the exact amount of time you need; when the timer is up, the app goes to sleep.


This is a personal assistant app that keeps track of everything. From your to-do lists to your shopping list to your deadlines and doctor’s appointments, it will organize it all. And the reminders ensure that you forget nothing. This helps to keep you on track and take away the panic you feel at the thought that maybe you forgot something.

Sworkit Kids

You have so many responsibilities when taking care of kids, not the least of which is making sure they are staying active. Sworkit Kids is a great app for encouraging exercise, and it is so fun, you will want to jump in and get moving too. Whenever things feel like they have been a little too boring for a little too long, get up and do a workout.

Motivated Moms

While Intuition+ will help you with your to-do lists, not everyone knows where to start. That is where Motivated Moms comes in. This app provides you with checklists you can use each day to keep your home on track and running smoothly. It is great every day, but especially when you are feeling extra frazzled.

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January 25, 2017

5 Apps I Rely on as a Work-at-Home Mom

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