Healthy Valentine treats? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Not quite. Unlike Halloween, healthy treats on Valentine’s Day won’t be seen like the end of the world. There are lots of tasty and fun options you can use to keep the sugar and calories down this year. Check out our favorite 5 healthy Valentine’s Day treats below.

5 Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

5 Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

Strawberry Roses

Flowers are a must on Valentine’s Day, and these roses made from strawberries are beautiful, fragrant, and tasty. If you feel like you need it to be a little more decadent, look into making a chocolate or yogurt dip to pair them with.

Watermelon Heart Fruit Salad

Between the color and the hearts, this fruit salad is perfect for the holiday. It is a great side dish to take to any Valentine’s Day party or to put in your child’s lunch as a special, holiday-themed treat. And since it is easy to make, it earns a few bonus points.

Chocolate-Filled Raspberries

We love that this offers a somewhat unexpected chocolate and fruit pairing. While we are used to chocolate and strawberries, we rarely see this combination. And it is so simple to make, you will not be able to resist making it.

Conversation Cuties

Let’s be honest: conversation hearts are pretty much the worst part of Valentine’s Day. But they are so tied to the holiday, you can’t skip them all together. This option allows you to embrace this aspect of the holiday while offering a treat that is much tastier than the chalky hearts.

Valentine’s Day Superfood Trail Mix

We all know and love trail mixes for their combination of sweet and salty, healthy and indulgent. This trail mix focuses on superfoods that offer plenty of health benefits, but while still making it feel like a treat. This is an ideal mix to set out at a party, send in a lunch box, or enjoy while watching a Valentine’s Day movie.

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January 27, 2017

5 Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

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