Why do we care about generating leads? Without customers, there is no business. But how can you pull those customers to you? In our modern world, the best way to do so is using social media. But with so many social media networks out there, it is impossible to adequately use them all, which means you need to focus on those that will return the best results. This no doubt makes you wonder which social media channel is best for generating leads. So, let’s take a look.

Which Social Media Channel is Best for Generating Leads?

Which Social Media Channel is Best for Generating Leads?

To Get Results, You Need to Understand the Social Network

Each social network operates in its own, unique way. They have their own rules, their own culture, and even their own language. Before you can make the most of your profile on a given platform, you need to understand it. So even if it is known for generating leads, you won’t be able to secure those leads until you read up on and implement best practices.

Not Every Network is Right for Every Business

You need to go where your audience is, and each network attracts different people. Yes, many people will have profiles on multiple platforms, but aside from the most dedicated social media users, they will have one platform they favor above all others. And which one that is will often be a matter of demographics. Do your research and figure out which social media network is most likely to have people interested in your business.

The Top Three Social Media Channels for Generating Leads

With that said, chances are your best bet will be one of the top three social media networks listed below.

  • Facebook: This is the biggest social media network and the one that represents the greatest amount of diversity. It has been said that everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook profile, and because this is pretty much true, you will get the greatest amount of reach here.
  • Twitter: Twitter is the next biggest social media network, and it is experiencing a resurgence thanks to political tweets. But even if you steer clear of politics, this is a great place to grab attention. Unlike Facebook, which many use for reading and browsing now, Twitter almost demands interaction, which is great for generating leads.
  • Instagram: Instagram now allows you to sponsor photos, which you can use to reach people who do not yet follow you. The biggest setback to Instagram is you need to have something photo-worthy to share on a daily basis if you are going to keep people engaged and continue generating leads.

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January 31, 2017

Which Social Media Channel is Best for Generating Leads?

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