Working from home is wonderful—most of the time. When it isn’t quite so wonderful is when you realize that you are responsible for cleaning your workplace—all of it. Rather than walking into a clean office every day, made that way by a dedicated janitorial staff, you wake up each morning and see all those chores you need to get done. It can be a bit of a drag.

Cleaning Tips for Your Busiest Work Days

Cleaning Tips for Your Busiest Work Days

But on your busiest work days, it can be more than a drag; it can be downright overwhelming. To help, try out some of our cleaning tips below.

Outsource It

This is all of our dreams, but why not see if it is possible to make it a reality? If you know which days are going to be your busiest days each week—say every Monday and Thursday—you can hire someone to come and take care of the cleaning. Assuming you keep up with things all other days of the week, you might only need help for about an hour or so. Keep in mind that any cleaning for work-related spaces is also tax deductible.

Turn it into Timed Challenges

On your busiest days, you might only have five minutes here and five minutes there available to you. So use that time wisely. Even if you can only take three minutes for cleaning, do it. Set a timer and get to work. And if you really move it, you might even be able to use it as a quick cardio workout. Think about small tasks, such as picking up and organizing or taking dishes out of the dishwasher. Save the bigger tasks for when you have more time.

Make a Chore Chart

And divvy up responsibility. Each person in the house can do something, and if they already do, let them take on a little more on those busy days. There is no reason that you should have to shoulder extra work alone.

Don’t Be so Picky

If you are busy, stick to the basics. If your house is safe and livable, you have done well. If it is clean to a quick glance, you are amazing. Don’t worry about moving furniture and dusting the blinds until you reach a point that things are not so stressed.

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February 1, 2017

Cleaning Tips for Your Busiest Work Days

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