What kinds of posts tend to get the greatest response? While there are a few that tend to really grab people, a roundup post is one of the best. These posts gather together lots of great information, ensuring that your audience can get everything they need at once.

Putting Together a Roundup Post for Your Blog

Putting Together a Roundup Post for Your Blog

And while they sound simple to put together, there are ways they can go wrong. To help you create and expert roundup, check out our tips for putting together a roundup post for your blog below.

Ask the Question Your Audience is Asking

You can make this question part of your post, or even the title, but that isn’t why you need to ask it; you need to ask it because the purpose of your post will be to answer it. There are things your target audience wants to know, and if you can help them, you are going to get a positive reaction.

Ask the Right Experts

A roundup post is where you gather the input of experts to answer the question your audience is asking. When selecting the experts, you need to make sure of a few things. First, ensure that each expert you choose is truly an expert; do your vetting. Next, make sure that they are experts who will appeal to your audience. Finally, pick at least a few experts with names that are instantly recognizable to your reader base.

And do not make the mistake of asking only a few. First, you need a handful of experts to create a successful post. And second, you can figure that some people you ask will say no. It is better to overplan than underplan.

Give it a Catchy Title

And make sure the purpose of the post is clear from the title. You want readers to realize that you are answering the question they have just from reading the title, otherwise they will just pass it by. And when you create the subtitle, be sure to mention the experts you consulted, as it lends instant credibility to your post.

Cross-Promote with the Experts

Promotion is key, but do not forget that the experts you interview can help. They will want to get your post out there because it helps to further establish them as leaders in their fields. Once you post, share it directly with them and ask that they share it on their social media profiles and blogs.

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February 2, 2017

Putting Together a Roundup Post for Your Blog

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