When you think about board games, do you think about things like Monopoly and Clue? While those two are classics, they don’t tend to please the younger family members. However, there are lots of interesting board games on the market that are great for kids, many of which you likely haven’t even heard of. To give you some inspiration for your next family board game night, check out the 4 educational board games your grade-school child will love below.

4 Educational Board Games Your Grade-School Child Will Love

4 Educational Board Games

Hoot Owl Hoot!

If you have never heard of this game, that is truly a shame. This color-coded matching game is designed to be played cooperatively, not competitively, and teaching collaborative work and problem solving. This is great for kids who get a little too competitive, as well as for families with multiple kids—it really cuts down on the fights. The goal is for everyone to work to get the owls home before the sun rises. It offers two level of play, allowing the game to grow with your child, and can be played by children as young as four years old.


Not only is this a cool game, but it has a cool story behind it, as it began with a Kickstarter campaign. This is a great game to play when you are short on time, since each match lasts only 15 minutes. Similar to the concept behind Rock, Paper, Scissors, you use three elements that can overcome each other to battle it out. This game helps children develop strategy and planning skills and is great for kids seven and up.

Spot It

Does your child love those drawings where you have to find what is different between the two pictures? Well, this game is a twist on that. Instead of finding what is different, you must find the one symbol on two or more cards that is the same, helping children with visual perception and observation skills. With every match you make, the cards change, which means you really need to focus. It sounds simple, but once you play, you will realize it is quite the challenge. Children six and up should enjoy this game.


Now this is one you have heard of, and probably played a few times in your life. While it is a classic, it is also very engaging for children and helps them to build great skills. While playing, you naturally pick up on basic physics concepts while working on hand-eye coordination, strategy, and patience. For kids five and up, it is a great choice.

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February 3, 2017

4 Educational Board Games Your Grade-School Child Will Love

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