As a parent, you have no doubt noticed how much of children’s holiday celebrations revolve around candy. Candy at Halloween. Candy at Easter. And definitely candy for Valentine’s Day.

Fun Valentine’s Games that Don’t Involve Candy

Fun Valentine’s Games that Don’t Involve Candy

So having a fun Valentine’s Day celebration without candy can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are keeping it healthy or playing by the school rules for a classroom party, there are some great games you can play without sweets. Check out some fun Valentine’s Day games that don’t involve candy below.

Spot the Hearts

Big hearts, little hearts—get hearts of all sizes for this game. Then, hide them around the room or house and have the kids find them. It is a twist on Easter egg hunts without the sugar overload and it can be played by kids of all ages, making it a great choice of game.

Pin the Kiss on the Frog

This is another twist on a classic. Rather than pinning a tail on the donkey, you pin a kiss on a frog. This is great for kids from preschool through elementary, but just make sure you size it right for the kids who are playing to keep the frustration factor down.

Musical Hearts

In addition to skipping the candy, this game gets kids moving, making it an awesome choice. Foam is better than paper, unless you want to laminate. While it is similar to musical chairs, it adds another elements: when you pause on a heart, you have to do what it says to do. The kids will have so much fun, you can even skip the usual removing one each round and just let them play.

Cupid’s Arrow

This game is best for older kids, since it can be a choking hazard. To play, you load a q-tip into a straw and then blow to shoot the arrow. The goal is to hit a specific target; in the link, it is a bowl, but you can certainly get creative. Kids love this game and will have a total blast.

What are your favorite fun Valentine’s games?

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February 10, 2017

Fun Valentine’s Games that Don’t Involve Candy

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