When it comes to feeding your family, there aren’t a lot of appliances you need. As long as you have a stove, pots, and pans, you are good to go. That said, most of us have at least one other appliance that we use—a toaster, a microwave, a crockpot. Many of us have multiple appliances we use in addition to the stove.

5 Small Kitchen Appliances that Make Meals Easier

5 Small Kitchen Appliances that Make Meals Easier

While there is something to be said for minimalist living, if you want to make mealtimes easier on you, you are going to need a few small appliances to help things along. Below are our picks for the top 5 small kitchen appliances that make meals easier.

1. A Food Processor

There aren’t a lot of recipes where this is 100% necessary, but once you start using it, you will realize how much easier it makes things on you. Without a food processor, everything has to be done by hand. This takes tons of time and effort from you, and can lead you to avoid many recipes. And since many of those are healthier recipes, a food processor is an investment in the health of your family.

2. An Electric Kettle

Yes, if you need hot water, you can always boil it on the stove, but this takes time. And unlike cooking, no one really wants to sit around and watch water boil. It can be tempting to leave it alone, which is dangerous in a home with children. Electric kettles have water boiling in minutes and you can keep them put up away somewhere safe as they work.

3. A Large Slot Toaster

Whether you are making toast for breakfast, looking to add something special to a sandwich, or really like your bagels crunchy, this one is a must. It may not be something you use daily, but it is an appliance that really cannot be replaced with any other.

4. An Air Fryer

Frying foods is messy, sometimes dangerous, and not all that healthy. But with an air fryer, all those problems are gone. There is no mess, everything is contained and safe, and since no oil is used, everything comes out incredibly healthy.

5. An Instapot

Before this appliance was invented, this list would have been a lot longer, but since it is several appliances in one, we can keep our list short and you can keep your kitchen decluttered. Use this device in place of a pressure cooker and crock pot for easy and tasty meals.

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February 15, 2017

5 Small Kitchen Appliances that Make Meals Easier

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