Chances are most aspects of your small business are DIY. Not only does it save you money, but it also challenges you and keeps you tied into your business. But is it a good idea to do this with marketing?

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Why a Small Business Needs a Chief Marketing Officer

Some might say yes, but unless you are a natural or you have previous marketing experience, we say no. Marketing is far too central to your success to leave it to some Googling and a prayer. Below are just a few reasons why a small business needs a chief marketing officer.

Marketing is Complex

Yes, it can seem simple on the surface, but it isn’t. Creating an effective marketing plan means knowing what customers want now and what they will want in the future. It means being able to look at the research and data and be able to filter out the white noise to get to what really matters. It means having a brain that is both logical and artistic, and being able to apply each when appropriate. And if you aren’t an expert, it is easy to make mistakes.

A CMO Gives You Feedback

And they do this is multiple ways. As a small business owner, your operation can quickly become a vacuum where only your ideas and opinions matter. By adding a CMO, you end this vacuum, bringing in fresh ideas and perspectives. Your CMO can give you feedback on ideas, current campaigns, packaging, and more. It may be more expensive than bouncing ideas off of friends and relatives, but it is also a lot more effective.

They Keep Going When You Get Tired

Do you really want to spend time every single day on marketing your business? Probably not. And that is fine—as long as you have someone else ready to do it. Marketing is a daily task, and you can’t really take time off, so it is better to hand things over to a CMO. Not only is it their job, but it is their passion, and they will be ready and willing to do the work each day.

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February 16, 2017

Why a Small Business Needs a Chief Marketing Officer

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